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I have worked on several videos and presentations in the last few years, and have presented on multimedia production & digital storytelling on numerous occasions.  Some of these were joint efforts and are credited as such.

Digital storytelling is more than just taking some footage with a camera.  It's an involved process with many careful decisions to be made.  Students and teachers often find that the work involved is more than they anticipated, but it's also much richer if done correctly.

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Kiosk Video

This was a simple music & collage video for some science technology resources.  It was designed to be played in a loop for a kiosk at a convention.  It was strangely a lot of fun to work on.  I mixed stock footage and promos from websites with screen capture footage.

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Mock Book Preview

A mock movie trailer for the book, 1984. This was made as a creative way to advertise curricular content for schools. Perhaps students could create fake previews for content that they are studying, distilling the material to an interesting and concise video.   This video isn't supposed to be descriptive - that is, the scenes don't reflect those in the book.  Instead, if focuses on conveying general concepts and themes.

Credits: Videos taken from various Youtube videos and the  The song is from the Resident Evil soundtrack.

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Google Teacher Academy Submission

This video was part of a joint application for Google's Teacher Academy.  At the time, Google was only accepting educators from California, but we applied anyways.  Yes, we wanted it that badly.   Anyways, part of the application process required that we produce a short (1 minute) video about technology and learning.  Our video was a juxtaposition of the kind of learning that kids have access to at home with technology, and the kind of limitations placed on them at school.  It's fast paced and short, but we stayed under 1 minute.

Credits: The screen captures are from various Google products.  The songs are "16 Tons" by Tennessee Ernie Ford and "Oh Yeah" by Yello.

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Discovery Educator Network

Jeff and I created this video for the first DEN consortium meeting.  As part of the few days of training, everyone was asked to produce a video talking about Discovery resources and education.  We started storyboarding this around 11 PM and continued to work until around 5 AM.  It's a bit silly, but a fun video nonetheless.  It features a stodgy old teacher named Mr. Quagmire who is trying to give a lecture to his class using an old slide projector.  A few minutes into his presentation, his bulb goes out and a student asks him why they aren't using unitedstreaming (free for all GA schools).  Mr. Quagmire eventually concedes and allows the students to show him what unitedstreaming has to offer...

Credits: Video and still images taken from unitedstreaming and the  The song is "Tank!" by Yoko Kanno, from the anime Cowboy Bebop.


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Screven County Elementary - Mrs. Bazemore's Class

Here is sample of student / teacher work from Screven County Elementary School, in Sylvania, GA. This is Mrs. Bazemore’s first grade class in a short movie: The First Thanksgiving.  This was Mrs. Bazemore’s first use of chroma-key technology, or video production, for that matter. With just a bit of technical help and guidance, she and her students produced a dramatic, entertaining, and informative video.