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The original Did you know video was released on August 15, 2006 and it's been viewed millions of times since. It originally started as a short video that Karl Fisch made for his school teachers to start a discussion about technology and the exponential times we live in. He posted it on his blog after the initial presentation, and it made it to YouTube. After that... it's history. Karl talks about the growth of the original video on his blog.

Well, Karl released an updated version of the video back in 2007 and it's a good video to see again.  Karl had it remade it for two reasons: he wanted it to be more of a global perspective rather than a US centric position, and he also felt that the video needed to ask more from the viewer and give resources for them to pursue.

Check out the full post on his wonderful blog, The Fishbowl. Note that it uses Blogger, which is blocked by many school systems. In consideration of that, I'm hosting the video here.