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What's on Your Daily Plate? PDF Print E-mail

dailyplate1.jpgThe new year is often full of resolutions to be healthier, and it's sometimes difficult for people to keep up with. It's also often troublesome to keep up with calories, nutrients, exercise patterns, and weight loss/gain. Wouldn't it be nice to have something automatically track your diet and activities? Wouldn't that be a powerful, hands-on tool for Health and Nutritional studies?

One such tool is the Daily Plate. With a free Daily Plate account, you can track your caloric intake by simply searching for normal food you eat and clicking "I ate that" - it even has common food items from restaurants! You can set current weight and weight goals, specify how much you want to lose (or gain) and how quickly you want to do it, and even get a total of nutritional information for the foods you are eating. You can even group common foods into "meals" and save them for easy retrieval later.

Imagine using this in a health class with your students. Discussion could start with setting reasonable dietary goals, from losing a few pounds to cutting down on sodium or eating more fiber. Each student could then track their progress to their goal and get progression charts and detailed information of their journey. This could facilitate meaningful discussion about what foods they eat, how much exercise plays a role in their lives, and so on.

Bon Appetit!