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Daniel Rivera
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This site is a reflection of my interests in art, learning, education, and technology.  Here you can see some of my artwork, get a feel for my views on education and learning, and get a better feel for my skillset in various technological areas.


Personal Info

I'm married to my best friend, Michelle, and have an incredibly fun and adorable daughter who was born in October, 2007.  Both are the highlights of my day.  Most of my side of the family is on the West Coast, but some live in Canada and I have an uncle in Germany. Most of Michelle's family lives nearby, from one to three hours away.

When our daughter was born, we started up a blog to record milestones and memorable events.  This may be the first generation that will be able to keep such a detailed record of their life.  See the blog at:

I myself am a naturalized citizen - I came to the States when I was only three and took my oath when I was eighteen.  I always stand for the pledge and re-affirm my oath every time.  I am an active voter and actively keep up-to-date with politics from a variety of news sources (NPR, blogs, tv, news websites).



I'm a gamer, and have been most of my life.  My mother always warned me that gaming wouldn't get me very far, but most of what I know about technology I learned from games.  In fact, games can teach us a lot about things, like Literacy and Learning, or even about business and the job market.  I like games of all sorts, from traditional board games to pencil and paper role-playing games to console games and computer games.  My wife and I just purchased a Nintendo Wii, and it's an amazing learning tool more than anything.  We bought the Wii Fit and have been trying to get a bit more in shape, heh.  Gaming keeps me young and in touch with younger generation thinking.



I love to create.  Whether that is video, photography, websites, or just writing, I like to leave my mark and bring new things into the world.  To that end, I love art.  It's the most creative thing that I do and it takes me to other places.  Traditionally, I produced fantasy art (dragons, castles, etc) but now I'm branching out with more digital and generic work, like graphics and general website design (like my website header).  I'm finding a strange satisfaction in just making web graphics.



I think technology makes humans more efficient and helps us get more out of life.  It's also a terrible distraction and time sink, so there needs to be a balance.  The technology available to us today is actually astounding, but most educators and regular citizens don't really know what is out there.  The more I explore technology, the more I find solutions to common problems.  If only I had access to this kind of technology when I was growing up...